The Mouse House

Storytelling for Early Years and Year 1 A winter storytelling from Chris Bostock – your local Storyteller, with designs by Alison Ashton and Music by Ken Patterson. Themes : The value of friendship, respect for others, gratitude, celebrating the season. Aims : Language development, listening skills, social skills through participation in public art. It was … Read More

Wintry Tales

Pull up your chair by the fire, the wind may be blowing outside, there’s snow in the air, but please don’t despair, there are stories that won’t be denied the chance to be told – so if you’re feeling bold, come and listen to tales old and new, of meeting the North Wind, a girl in … Read More

Cat and Dog at Christmas

Storytelling for Early Years and Key Stage 1 children A seasonal celebration with story, song, dance and music and lots of participation for young children and a little bit of magic as well. Themes: Friendship, Cooperation, Patience, Resilience, Time and Trust. Cat has been invited to bring her friends the Dog’s party, but for different … Read More

The Tree of Life

A story with song and lots of participation for listeners between 3 and 7 Tiny Tortoise had a wonderful dream of a tree that grew every kind of different fruit. Owl gives him the name of the tree, which must not be forgotten. On his journey he meets other animals who try to help, but … Read More

The Singing Wind

 A new show celebrating story and musicStoryteller Chris Bostock + Musician Ken PattersonTold in story, sound and song, The Singing Wind tells of a boy who hears on the wind how he can save his people. He is sent to the four corners of the earth where, guided by the wind, he learns of the power, … Read More

The Snow Bear Chris Bostock the storyteller and Ken Patterson the composer and musician, invite you join them by the fire for wintry tales with live music, puppets and visual surprises from their beautiful miniature theatre packed full of delights. The Snow Bear is inspired by Norwegian folk tales and tells the story of a polar bear who is a … Read More


Storytelling in Performance Available from November 2019 to January 2020 A programme for children between 2 and 6, 4 told by Chris Bostock – the Storyteller Starlight is the story of little possum, who lived in a cave with his mother. One night he went outside and saw bright stars shining in the sky. They were so … Read More