Storytelling is an art in itself but is the best preparation for Literacy.

Storytelling for Pre School and The Foundation Stage

  • Storytelling to develop concentration, speaking and listening skills.
  • Working with parents and carers to encourage storytelling and language development.
  • Chris’ Story Kits - story making boxes - create an opportunity for home-school relations to be nurtured through Storymaking.

Storytelling for pupils at key Stage 1

  • I tell stories that look at the nature of the world and our place in it. Storytelling is a chance to help, organise thoughts, reactions and feelings while developing language skills.
  • Active Storytelling uses drama skills to put the children in a story.
  • Storywork sessions create follow up opportunities for individual classes to develop themes linked to current topics.

Story sessions for a maximum of two classes of Key Stage 1 pupils last approximately 45 minutes.

Storytelling for pupils at Key Stage 2

  • Working with Folk Stories, Wonder Tales, Myths and Legends, I tell stories to suit the season and the maturity of individual classes.
  • My aim is to encourage all my listeners to want to share a joy of words and give them the confidence to shape and share their own dreams and ideas.
  • Follow up Storywork sessions, individual classes can develop storymaking and storytelling skills through drama or literacy.
  • Story sessions for a maximum of two classes for Key Stage 2 pupils, last approximately one hour.

Storytelling for pupils at Key Stages 3 & 4 and beyond

  • Storytelling to celebrate language and oral traditions - relish listening - encourage writing - nurture reading skills and celebrate the delights of storytelling with stories of rites of passage -journeys and sojourns - the transformation of mind and spirit through myths and legends and the hearthside of history.

Story sessions to fit in with school timetables last approximately 1 hour.

Notes for Teachers accompany each session.

Storytelling sessions are presented for Teachers and pupils together and Chris requires the Class Teacher to be present at all times.